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The tax consulting and auditing office Dravecký & Partner has been providing its complex services since 2000. We provide our services through the company Dravecký & Partner Tax, k.s. (tax consultant licence) and Dravecký & Partner Audit, s.r.o. (auditor’s licence).

Our ambition is to provide our clients with services mainly according to their interests. We aim to help our clients to orientate themselves within the volatile legislation of the Slovak republic and to provide them with qualified services within the area of tax, accountancy and financial consultancy as well as to guarantee the audit services and legal consultancy of skilled and experienced specialists.

When providing our services we do not consider only the concrete requirements of the client, but we also try to solve the situation in a comprehensive way, regarding its tax, accountancy and legal aspects. Therefore we cooperate with the law office Heringeš & Partner s.r.o..

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